Ask the Evangelist is a ministry launched by Ten:Two Trust to assist in their vision to help equip the Church to share the Gospel.  The idea came from a time when Josh ( Director of Ten:Two Trust) was in a meeting with many other evangelists.  He thought to himself "when do we get a chance to sit with other evangelists and listen to their wisdom and ask questions on evangelism?".  Having been with Dr Tony Stone for many years he was able to sit with him and ask his own questions but what about everyone else.

After praying about the idea Josh felt it was right to go ahead and press on.  It is an opportunity for anyone to send in a question on evangelism and hear what experienced Evangelists have to say on their questions.  Josh has worked closely with Dr Tony Stone for over 5 years and with nearly 60 years of ministry Dr Stone was the perfect choice to answer the questions when filming started.

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